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This activity introduces learners to a variety of resources on eHealth, which can inform their work in incorporating... see more

Training seminar for Tech-Prep tutors see more

Students model an exploration, collaborative discussions, and then assessment via asynchronous internet delivery to delve... see more

To locate an article about native Tennessee flora and fauna. Course: Biology see more

The American Civil Liberties Union is an activist group that supports intellectual freedom. This lesson analyzes ACLU's... see more

People look for information in several diferent ways, depending on several internal and external factors. In this... see more

This exercise helps learners develop a systematic, strategic research plan. The focus is health information, but the... see more

In this activity learners search for information using search engines, databases, catalogs, directories, and social... see more

In this activity students learn how to read a scholarly article. see more

This learning activity introduces students to several intellectual freedom issues, and has them develop case scenarios to... see more

This interactive tool will enable you to learn how to do correct citation for your research papers. Course: Any course... see more

examen lee la lectura cuantas partes tiene la computadora see more

This assignment explores how to create a step-by-step instruction PowerPoint presentation. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

Students examine financial issues that arise from independent living. see more

Students identify a population with a specific disability, evaluate and select appropriate assistive technology... see more

Mathematics and science are often the great separators rather than equalizers. They are the gatekeeper subjects. Without... see more

This lesson enables families to engage in interactive learning activities by using the Cybrfamilies blog of thematic... see more


MIS    see more

good reflection exercises see more

This is an individual online investigative assignment to help students understand what is meant by Creative Commons and... see more

This activity helps learners identify and prevent plagiarism. see more

This exercise helps one develop a good research question. see more

After studying subject/verb agreement, correct subject/verb agreement errors in sentences. see more

This activityaddresses several aspects of censorship for learners to explore and compare. see more