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Construct a good search strategy using boolean operators and truncation for a research topic of your choice. Course:... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Students will use interactive online graphics to learn about the tools of measurement, and fundamental concepts in... see more

A LaTeX template such as this one started me on typesetting in LaTeX. I have tried to showcase the LaTeX features that I... see more

All of the lessons on the Visionlearning site have practice quizzes associated with them. They're really helpful! see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Listening and reading exercise on fugue 2 (C minor) of JS Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in performance by David Korevaar... see more

Students use Biology Workbench and Protein Explorer to align either orthologous or paralogous sequences and then... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Students use mitochondrial D-loop sequences of orangutan, chimpanzee, gorrilla, human and neanderthal sequences to... see more

This is a good introductory exercise to familiarize students with the features and information that can be obtained... see more

TILT provides a very short, but very flashy review of four misconceptions about the Internet. The following link should... see more

This activity is designed to give participants a hand-on experience of what it is like to have a learning disability in... see more

Choose a picture in the exercises and describe it in written or spoken Chinese using at east 5 nouns (e.g., people,... see more

Choose two pictures and describe any similarities and differences between them in terms of people, things, and places.... see more

Students will individually complete the online problem sets at the following website. The problem sets available are... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Main index page for the 12 modules of the Mass in B Minor. This is best completed in three weeks, at the rate for four... see more

Teachers, trainers, and professors with years of experience in classrooms report that ?computer networking encourages the... see more

The Old West uses primary sources to provide a more detailed understanding about the history of the Plains. Course: U.S.... see more

The public career of the United States' third President is well documented. However, his personal life has come under... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Fifth reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

The first battles of the American Revolution were at the Massachusetts towns of Lexington and Concord. This site provides... see more

This lesson is designed to increase fluency and vocabulary. It is also designed to build social relationships as it is a... see more

This is a lesson about the study of rocks. The website tie-in is very powerful. Students will ask, reflect, and then... see more

This lesson is about learning about weather, learning to read, and using the Internet. Course: 1st Grade see more