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Pediatric immunizations in the form of a Jeopardy game. see more

After watching the video you are to create a list of foods you think can be cooked using Moist Methods of Cooking. see more

After watching the video draw and label a digram explaining the mechanical process of digestion at each stage. see more

Select a parthner of your choice and a create a dramatic presentation on the digestion process. Each stage of the process... see more

Descreve o conceito de marketing see more

Students will identify which customary unit of measure would be best to measure familiar objects. see more

Uses the PhET Beer's Law Simulation to derive Beer's Law. Students are instructed how to use the sim including a link to... see more

A game of jeopardy to assess staff learning on content covered in newborn education class. see more

Become familiar with a virtual DMM see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Determine the results of all components of the IMViC test series see more

Henry Hobson has some "business to attend to". Where is he actually going? What kind of "business" does he have? Describe... see more

This class will introduce students to the principles, of basic animation, character animation, optics and lighting... see more

This is an online book that can help you to read and see diagrams. see more

This app can help you study for the quiz. see more

Connect observational notes with Terminology from DRDP IT assessment tool. see more

This activity is a maze that will take you through some situations where you need to decide which course of action would... see more

Chem105 Vitural Demonstrations see more

What is ideal gas law see more

To study and gather data on footwear imprints/impressions. To compare the data to textbook values. To learn the proper... see more