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Students will explore the chemical composition of cells and analyze the various processes that happen at the cellular... see more

For Americans to practice unit conversion to become familiar with common metric values. Course: Introductory Science see more

This module focuses on the generation of a standard curve based on the activity of an enzyme. A plasma cholesterol assay... see more

An exploration of the periodic table, including the uses, properties and history of elements, and an exploration of... see more

Two practice work sheets for converting English and metric units. Students should be able to demonstrate knowledge in... see more

Students use Biology Workbench and Protein Explorer to align either orthologous or paralogous sequences and then... see more

This assignment was designed for a lab but could be done in a regular classroom. It is intended to take at least three... see more

View the section on how the brain works and post to the forum. Did anything surprise you? Is knowing this information... see more

Complete practice activities after reviewing videos and problem sets. see more