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Students (7th grade) will create a 2' x 2' visual representation of the six stages of mitosis; using "wickie sticks" of... see more

In this lesson, students will be introduced to the basic relationship between atomic structure and chemical bonding. This... see more

Students work together to create "polypeptides" using balloons and string. Course: Biology see more

Contains lesson, demonstration and project for demonstrating an understanding of the scientific method. see more

In this activity students extract DNA from bananas. They will see that DNA is a component of living things and that DNA... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

An instructional video site providing information about how rural people lived in the middle ages with emphasis on... see more

A brief narrative history of the Royal Abbey in central France where England's first Plantagenet moanrchs are buried.... see more

Africans in America traces slavery in the United States from 1450 to 1865, using historical narratives, images,... see more

Crisis at Fort Sumter goes through the process followed by President Abraham Lincoln as he decided whether or not to... see more

Uncle Tom's Cabin created a great controversy at the time of its publication arousing passions above and below the fabled... see more

The Valley of the Shadow offers a rich collection of primary sources associated with "The Eve of the War," "The War... see more

Esta material pertenece al área mayor obligatoria del plan de estudios de la licenciatura en Recursos Humanos. Atiende a... see more

An exploration of the periodic table, including the uses, properties and history of elements, and an exploration of... see more

Using the Voice Recipe as a model, first record your own voice in active conversation. Isolate the descriptions that best... see more

Find out the area of contamination. Course: IT 4600 see more

Here, you will get a clear idea of what MI are and how people learn Course: Curriculum Development see more


Students will study about Chinese Tea through 5Cs. Course: Chinese I see more

Students will identify common pitfalls with powerpoint. Course: chinese 104 see more

Students will identify common pitfalls with powerpint Course: Arabic 1 see more

Students will identify common pitfalls with powerpoint. Course: CHI201 see more

Students will identify common pitfalls with Powerpoint. This assignment is an effective preliminary exercise in any... see more