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This assignment was created by Mary Coyne and Linda Weber of Lincoln High School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Course:... see more

This assignment was created by Paul Burckhard of Lemmon High School, Lemmon, South Dakota. It describes a hands-on... see more

This lesson was created by Jennifer Anders and Nicole McGlashan of Huron High School, Huron, South Dakota. It is designed... see more

This assignment was created by Kevin Benson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is designed to facilitate the use of the... see more

This assignment was created by Sue Bertelson of Brookings High School, Brookings, South Dakota. It introduces students to... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

A LaTeX template such as this one started me on typesetting in LaTeX. I have tried to showcase the LaTeX features that I... see more

I really enjoyed this puzzle because it was very visual. I learn alot better when things are drawn out, so i was able to... see more

This assignment will get the solutions to the many problems you do in an elementary algebra course. The procuder is not... see more

Tutorial worksheet to supplement this visualization of sizes. Authored by Gary Richert. see more

Java applets that teach mathematical concepts and some that give problems, etc. that allow the user to practice these... see more

An online assignment in PDF using a java applet by Beth Chance, of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Course: Introductory... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise
Inactive Learning Exercise

Uses an embedded Java applet by Fu-Kwun Hwang to solve a practical introductory physics problem (addition of velocities).... see more