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Mathematics and science are often the great separators rather than equalizers. They are the gatekeeper subjects. Without... see more

This lesson enables families to engage in interactive learning activities by using the Cybrfamilies blog of thematic... see more

good reflection exercises see more

After studying subject/verb agreement, correct subject/verb agreement errors in sentences. see more

This activityaddresses several aspects of censorship for learners to explore and compare. see more

Using Adobe InDesign (or other layout software of your choice), create a digital portfolio that demonstrates and... see more

This activity helps learners identify and prevent plagiarism. see more

This assignment explores Internet tools and research techniques. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

This is an individual online investigative assignment to help students understand what is meant by Creative Commons and... see more

For creating my in service teaching plan at work see more

Do censorship practices differ by subject or format? Students analyze readings as a basis for their stances. see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Уводни део у саобраћајне системе Course: Техничко и Информатичко образовање see more

LESSON PLAN TITLE – Inanimate Alice: using multimodal storytelling in the K12 classroom. DISCIPLINE / TOPIC –... see more