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Uses the PhET Beer's Law Simulation to derive Beer's Law. Students are instructed how to use the sim including a link to... see more

For Americans to practice unit conversion to become familiar with common metric values. Course: Introductory Science see more

Students will use the site to view an animation on why the moon has different phases. They will use this knowledge to... see more

Reading from the authors of the Thermodynamic Equilibrium applet see more

This site offers introductory principles of weather forecasting and prediction. Course: Earth Science: Meteorology see more

In this exercise, you will define what a Cat Scan is used to detect in the human body. see more

Uses an embedded Java applet by Fu-Kwun Hwang to solve a practical introductory physics problem (addition of velocities).... see more

Q1: What is the reading of the vernier calipers shown below in mm? Course: physics general measurement see more

Tutorial worksheet to supplement this visualization of sizes. Authored by Gary Richert. see more

This is an undergraduate lab assignment using the software Overtone. It illustrates the concept of repeat time, the... see more

This webpage uses screen capture movies of particle simulations to made comparisons and guide students through a series... see more

Using Discussion Groups to Self-Teach the Ideal Gas Law Course: General Chemistry see more

What is ideal gas law see more

This worksheet is designed for students to use to guide them through the simulator and have them answer questions on... see more

This assignment was created by Paul Burckhard of Lemmon High School, Lemmon, South Dakota. It describes a hands-on... see more

Two practice work sheets for converting English and metric units. Students should be able to demonstrate knowledge in... see more

•Design a series circuit and a parallel circuit see more

Complete practice activities after reviewing videos and problem sets. see more