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Let students make predictions and perform online tests of their results. Interactive exploration of Ideal Gas PV... see more

This assignment may be used along with the Giddens lecture on globalization. It can also work as an assignment in class... see more

Students are asked to answer specific questions about the animated interaction between actin and myosin. Students should... see more

Using this theory and case study as a guide students review in advance, provide students with a lifespan timeline sheet.... see more

How to properly wash your hands see more

The Sacco Vanzetti Trial reflected American hysteria during the era of the Red Scare. This site explores whether or not... see more

This assignment helps students sort out their understanding of diffusion and bulk flow as two separate processes, both of... see more

In this lesson I... Course: Geometry see more

This is a pre-lab activity that students can perform using the Lukin simulation prior to doing a Bragg scattering... see more

Choose two pictures and describe any similarities and differences between them in terms of people, things, and places.... see more

Choose a picture in the exercises and describe it in written or spoken Chinese using at east 5 nouns (e.g., people,... see more

The purpose of this assignment is to use group expertise to write an essay on any aspect of family relationship problems... see more

This assignment asks students to compare the conquistadors' vision of their incursions into western hemisphere with the... see more

Describes how to use a tutorial at the "webmonkey" site to learn the basics of writing HTML code Course: web site... see more

A brief overview of using Microsoft Excel. Course: IST 117 see more

This exercise exposes the student to various ways of employing quotes to add authority and interest to an assignment..... see more

Listening to the Mass in B Minor: fourth listening module (of six). see more

Information contained in the FAQ can be used to solve editing problems. The Chicago Manual represents a credible... see more

Downloadable siimulation and review question at the end of the material see more

Digital Experiments found on same site to demostrate the information present there. see more

This is an assignment for your students all in itself. see more

Quick review questions (3) at the end of the document. see more

Downloadable simulation that focuses on many aspects of business. see more