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answer the following questions. Course: science see more

This lesson is mainly a review of atoms, that is a fifth grade CA standard. The students review atoms, the periodic table... see more

This lesson defines and gives the symptoms and treatments of Attention Deficit Disorder. The student should be able to... see more

Create a WebQuest Course: EME 2040 see more

Find out the area of contamination. Course: IT 4600 see more

Here, you will get a clear idea of what MI are and how people learn Course: Curriculum Development see more

This is a lesson that has students observing weather, collecting data, sending data to NASA, and then completing... see more

This tutorial establishes criteria for evaluating websites and provides examples for each criterion. Course: Courses that... see more

Solid online and interactive math practice website. Course: 6th Grade Multiple/Adult ESL see more

This interactive tool will enable you to learn how to do correct citation for your research papers. Course: Any course... see more

Students will choose from one of three descriptive writing assignments after reading That was then, This is Now. As the... see more

This mini lesson will assist students in organizing their own writing. It will show them each step of the writing... see more

Take a minute to view the Flash video at http://www.harperdoit.net/dlo/DLOwebsite/losadvice/story.htm to hear about one... see more

Students must stack numbers or letters in order to win the game. see more

This calculator can be used by students to calculate current as well as potential Grade Point Averages. see more

Students will be able to solve a system of two linear equations with two variables algebraically and are to graphically... see more

This activity assumes a degree of computer literacy and is to be used as an icebreaker activity for students involved in... see more

Students will learn the difference between the Quotient of Powers Property and Power of a Quotient Property. Course:... see more

I use this in my adult ESL Level 4 course to teach history and expository or informational 5-paragraph essays. Course:... see more

An activity to expose students to the extent and variety of hate group activities in the U.S. today Course: Soc 200, Soc... see more

Students are given the task of deriving a linear equation by knowing only two points on a coordinate system. Course:... see more

This lesson will help students to understand the concept of finding the distance between two points by using the distance... see more