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This is a lesson that seeks to increase fluency and vocabulary proficiency. It is a partner activity as well (social... see more

This lesson is designed to increase fluency skills, social skills, and vocabulary. Course: 3rd Grade Multiple Subjects see more

This lesson is designed to increase fluency, social skills, and vocabulary. Course: 3rd Grade Multiple Subjects see more

This is a fluency lesson that uses the Starchild site. Note that this is a partner activity. Course: 3rd Grade Multiple... see more

This is a vocabulary enhancement activity. It is leveled for third grade. It is also designed to cause some form of... see more

This is a lesson designed to go hand in hand with the Starchild website (a NASA resource). The site can be used in this... see more

checking the corelation of ozone levels with UV index. see more

A lesson that focuses on the Autonomic Nervous System and includes sympathetic and parasympathetic processes of the body.... see more

All of the lessons on the Visionlearning site have practice quizzes associated with them. They're really helpful! see more

This assignment was completed by a pair of college students in a science teacher education class. The assignment is for... see more

The assignment is designed to help students learn the neurological processes involved in commonly performed behaviors. see more

Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences of the human, gorilla and baboon skeleton see more

Utilizing the students knowlege of anatomical and physiological adaptations,compare bone structure of the human, gorilla... see more

The American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Research Council have embarked on a long-term... see more

It has been said that if you show what is assessed, then you'll know what is really taught. The Pew Trusts Education... see more

Students compare the reproductive strategies of several microscopic organisms to those of zebrafish. Procedures for... see more

The goal for this assignment is for students to build an appreciation of the marvelous tailoring of evolution that makes... see more

According to state and national standards, elementary teachers are to plan and conduct experiments with the students in... see more

A downloadable slide show (PowerPoint) that can be used to illustrate the actions of specific drugs on the brain Course:... see more

The Jason Project was designed for students without disabilities. Learning to adapt standard materials is a key component... see more

Biology majors may take an independent study course at California State University Fullerton, to explore an issue in... see more