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Students are given a sequence representing a segment of the 16S rRNA gene and must determine which organism it comes from... see more

Students learn the principles of pcr through animations and explanations at the website.They apply their knowledge to a... see more

This assignment introduces students to the National Standards for Theater and offers online concrete examples of radio... see more

Students are to read two web sites presenting opposing views and write an editorial commentary on their opinion citing... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is a follow-up assignment for students who have already used the FlyLab to look at mono-hybris crosses. In this... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

A grading rubric for FlyLab assignment #2. see more

This track teaches teachers to use Track Star through a sample lesson that guides teachers to resources that will help... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is a sample write up for the first problem in FlyLab assignment 1. Course: Genetics see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

The second part of FlyLab Assignment 1. This finishes the instructions on how to do crosses using the FlyLab and how to... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is a scoring rubric for FlyLab Assignment 1 giving the characteristics expected in the write-ups for this assignment... see more

This assignment is designed to heighten awareness and depth of understanding of dance and K-12 dance education in... see more

This assignment is designed to help student teachers take existing online art activities and begin developing a more... see more

Gain knowledge and share information with other teachers around the country who work with students with learning... see more

This section of the LD OnLine website provides numerous articles on topics within the field of learning disabilities.... see more

This assignment requires students to critically analyze the Meyer and Rose text. Course: Special Education Teaching... see more

The main piece of special education legislation, IDEA, is often cumbersome to discuss with parents. This assignment... see more

Knowing how to explore websites for the key information you need is a necessary skill for today's special education... see more

The Jason Project was designed for students without disabilities. Learning to adapt standard materials is a key component... see more

Students will have the opportunity of beginning a resource file of assistive technology information for students with... see more

This website is primarily designed for use by parents, by others can gain a great deal of information from its contents.... see more

Being able to locate information online is an invaluable way to keep current as a classroom teacher. Course: Moderate... see more

This assignment provides a step-by-step description of how to create a web page that has current headline news items that... see more

This assignment instructs the user how to use the Cool Text site to convert some text--perhaps their name--into a logo... see more