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Use Webopedia to track down definitions of technology terms as well as revealing relationships between technologies.... see more

This exercise takes students through an interactive series of steps in which they forecast sales for the Buggy Palace,... see more

The assignment is to introduce students to the purpose and members of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) via... see more

This exercise lets students determine how the cost of living in various cities can impact what salaries are paid to... see more

This assignment allows students to determine their selling style and then to development guidelines for adapting that... see more

This assignment can be used as a class project for courses in Investments. The ccnfn site allow students to create a... see more

This site can be used to help students develop metacognitive and critical reading skills, as well as to introduce... see more

Undergraduate and graduate students will have experience: 1) using the Internet for research, and 2) reading and analysis... see more

This exercise is intended to give students practice determining whether a map projection has certain properties. Course:... see more