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Short game to demonstrate how call options can be used to leverage an investment. The game can be demonstrated to a class... see more

Biology majors may take an independent study course at California State University Fullerton, to explore an issue in... see more

A classroom introduction to Thermodynamic Equilibrium applet. Course: Introductory Physics see more

Reading from the authors of the Thermodynamic Equilibrium applet see more

This assignment will enable students to learn how to apply an Excel add-in TreePlan in developing and solving decision... see more

In this exercise, students will be first examining the different types of paper currency from six different countries.... see more

Part of this site includes a career assessment based on a test. There are three levels of tests, only one of which is... see more

Students will be accessing The Conference Board Business Cycle Indicator page to find out what the Leading Economic... see more

This is a simple matching game in which the student identifies the country with the currency of that country. After... see more

Activity that compares two search engines Course: Library science, Introductory information systems, Introductory English see more

Subscribe to an e-mail newsletter to obtain information on electronic commerce that is more current than much of what is... see more

The assignment teaches how to apply simple forecasting techniques: naive forecast, moving average, and exponential... see more

This assignment guides users through some exercises with the Internet Advertising Calculator. It also includes research... see more

This activity allows students to explore the principles, promises, and pitfalls of distance education, and articulate... see more

This assignment requires that the student access information from the Census of Manufacturers. Because the students are... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Excellent web site for students majoring in information systems at the college level. Provides daily technology news,... see more

Faculty teaching advanced level undergraduate courses in information systems and graduate level courses should find the... see more

Comparison of two corporate websites for determining product classifications and marketing philosophy differences.... see more

This excercise requires students to use the Consumer Price Index to measure the change in nominal wages and real income... see more

This on-line survey can be taken to determine your preferred Learning Style. see more

See the first link at this site. It provides an overview of the instructions for running the Beer Game simulation in a... see more

All job postings on this site are 30 days old or less indicating current skills and attributes that employers are seeking... see more