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time Management powerpoint presentation for students see more

Your assignment is to navigate to the following site, read through the materials presented, and take the practice exam.... see more

Trach care should be performed using strict sterile technique. The nurse should perform this procedure with knowledge to... see more

This resource represents a complete compilation of the extensive resources that have been developed to support the use of... see more

A program that congregates and organizes writing assignments and offers online peer reviewing to facilitate writing... see more

This is student centered activity to enable students to examine their values about participating in resuscitation... see more

You will study the five phases of cell division known as Mitosis. Know what the physical appearance of each stage and... see more

q 1 :Find three products advertised or sold over the internet with Senior Citizen's discounts What are they, and how big... see more

This online question workbook includes interactive versions of all of the questions from the book, plus more! Each... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Basic library tutorials to help you learn about what academic libraries have to offer in the 21st century. see more


Lab exercise see more

This will prepare the Med 3 student to understand the core concepts of Cerebral Circulation Course: Neuroscience see more

70min Course: secure programming see more

Themes in the study of biology and the porcess of science. see more

To memorize the formulas, equations and definitions. see more


Allow students to prepare for classroom instruction by providing Prerequisite lessons they are able to study on their own... see more

A group of music theory exercises Course: Music Theory Exercises see more

How to properly wash your hands see more

A PowerPoint presentation teaching students how to use Google Spreadsheets to create a budget for a trip. Course: French... see more

A Brief Prison Tour. see more

This is a "blended" activity designed for a Hybrid course. Introduce and "debrief" activities taks place in the... see more