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Document is a part of a much larger database of learning objects including a set of great digital experiments (linked... see more

Review exercise consisting of a few short tasks to practice the concepts explained in the material. see more

ejercicio agregado al material see more

This can be an in-class exercise. see more

Review exercises available at the end of each section and quizzes for understanding at the end of each chapter. see more

Students read the tutorial and then test their understanding by typing SQL code for the exercises. When they submit their... see more


Students will study about Chinese Tea through 5Cs. Course: Chinese I see more

Students in this training will be asked to create a technical report or to revise an already-existing report that they... see more

Students will practice using a digital camera to create a personal digital story. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

This interactive animation demonstrates counting in the binary number system while simultaneously showing it in the... see more

One Course – Six assignments  Three Social Media Tools    Seven Games see more

Уводни део у саобраћајне системе Course: Техничко и Информатичко образовање see more