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Six questions on stomata see more

4 questions on C3, C4 and CAM plants see more

6 questions on photosynthesis see more

This is an undergraduate lab assignment using the software Overtone. It illustrates the concept of repeat time, the... see more

An adaptation from learning exercise found on illuminations.nctm.org Course: Algebra I, Algebra II see more

Teaching Target: *Identify individual sounds of words, phonemes, in “sound boxes” and that the visual similarity of an... see more

Students will work in a computer lab in class. They will play for half an hour with the simulation individually. After... see more

Free online math lessons and interactive activities for middle school math teachers and students. The lessons contain... see more

Read the following instructions in traditional or simplified Characters: 請上... see more

teach 4 skills Course: all skills see more

The Underground Railroad was a means for slaves to escape the oppression of slavery to a free state. This site explains... see more

This is a student centered learning exercise geared at developing competence in understanding the American Revolution. see more

Training seminar for Tech-Prep tutors see more

Online learning exercise that provides the learner with key terminology and an opportunity to explore case-studies to... see more

Educational presentation with heart sounds that allows the student to hear the sound as the student reviews the... see more

Activity to assist students to understand how viruses spread through a population. see more

El docente pono un tema en particular y los alumnos deben descubrir por si solos de que se trata el tema propuesto por el... see more

Students are assigned a given element to conduct research on and complete the project w/ a presentation and a poster for... see more

I like to use this after going over Natural Selection. Students simulate peppered moths in a variety of environments to... see more

I like to use this as an intro to genetics in class before I go over ANYTHING. It's great to use after you've introduced... see more

I use this after going over the Atoms family power point that can be found on the same page.Students determine the number... see more

Exercise from process & memory managemant. see more