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Alger Hiss worked for the State Department. He was arrested for spying for the Soviet Union during the Truman pesidency.... see more

The Scope Trial dealth with the issue of teaching evolution in public schools. The issue remains unresolved. Course: U.S.... see more

The Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 became a violent encounter between Anti-Vietnam War protesters and the... see more

The My Lai Trail represents circumstances in which American soldiers went to far against a perceived enemy. This site... see more

In the 1960s Civil Rights was an explosive movement. The Mississippi Burning Trial represents the violence associated... see more

The Rosenbergs were convicted of giving to the Soviet Union the knowledge to built the atomic bomb. This site examines... see more

A PowerPoint presentation teaching students how to use Google Spreadsheets to create a budget for a trip. Course: French... see more

Intermediate level ESL learner will be asked to write a description of their favorite person, and why they are their... see more

This assignment explores the early development of colonial era state constitutions. Course: American Government see more

The American Flag has become a more important symbol to the people of the United States since the events of September 11,... see more

Socrates was one of the Ancient World's most famous philosophers. This site attempts to unravel the controversy... see more

Kwame Nkrumah was the first leader of modern Ghana. His tenure brought significant change to the former British colony... see more

a research and reflection project for individual or collaborative projects that will allow learners to delve into... see more

Listening to the 14 canons of the Addendum to the Goldberg Variations: last listening module (of three). see more

This PBS website offers students the opportunity to better understand the circumstances which led to Great Britiain... see more

Last reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

Sixth reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

Animation of the overall structure of the Goldberg Variations and of the 14 canons in the addendum. see more

Interactive exploration of the Bach monogram see more

Crisis at Fort Sumter goes through the process followed by President Lincoln as he deceided whether or not to attack and... see more

The Plymouth Archive is a collection of searchable texts including court records, colony laws, 17th century journals and... see more

Fifth reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

This site contains information about the March 25, 1911, fire in the New York City factory of the Triangle Shirtwaist... see more