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The students will write a definition of lung sounds. What makes lung sounds? Do you think there could be differences in... see more

Students will learn the Linnean Classification system. They will then apply what they have learned by classifying a group... see more

Students will use this site to review concepts and to integrate knowledge into real world aspects Course:... see more

In this activity, students will take part in an online simulation of classic work performed by John Endler on guppies.... see more

This assignment is designed to help students learn about endangered species, using the internet as a source of... see more

See http://www.yale.edu/ynhti/curriculum/units/1996/5/96.05.01.x.html for "Using Drosophila to Teach Genetics" by... see more

Individual or group project. Have students browse the website. Depending on what topic is being covered in class, choose... see more

The students will look at the mitosis tutorial and then use those pictures to find cells on their own from a onion tip... see more

The students are asked to go through the activities and the tutorial on this website, and then complete the problem set... see more

This assignment is for the Plants and Animals (Succession) website which describes the effect of the volcano eruption on... see more

Students will make their own time lapse movies while learning about plants. Course: Biology see more

Students will make an edible, 3-D model of an animal or plant cell. The various organelles of the cell are represented by... see more

This lesson accompanies the use of the virtual courseware Drosophila online lab activity. This lesson was created as a... see more

This assignment allows students to distinguish between a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and where they are placed in... see more

For Americans to practice unit conversion to become familiar with common metric values. Course: Introductory Science see more

Read article that is supportive of smallpox vaccination and compare to article that refutes the benefits of such... see more

Great interactive site about the effects of one's diet on health, wellness, growth and disease. see more

This activity is aimed at challenging the speed in which students can balance chemical equations. see more

Simulate the use of a microscope and the concept of magnification. Course: Life Science, Botany, Biology see more

After using the "Evoltuion Lab" site, have students get into comfortable groups where they are all able to access a... see more

Students will compare the inside of an animal cell to a plant cell and find out just how different or similar we are to... see more

This assignment is aligned to California Earth Science Standard 5d. It is an interactive tour of aquarium exhibits that... see more

Element exploration leading to a presentation on element's unique characteristics while analyzing differences and... see more

These lectures provide a a useful resource for teachers to work through the material using visual interactive displays.... see more