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ss Course: Solid State of Physics see more

Answer the questions given in the exercise. each question consists of 2 marks, -ve marks will be given for each wrong... see more

Students will interact with a simulation to learn about balanced, unbalanced, and net forces and see how they effect... see more

ESL games and activities that can be helpful for students and teachers. Course: English see more

Games and activities that can be used in ESL/EFL classes at different levels. Course: Englins see more

The activity will help students sharpen their writing and gaining knowledge about history, geography, and travel. Course:... see more

Exercises to review and improve your French language skills. see more

Students will read the article about Egypt and do a presentation about one of the following; economy, government, people,... see more

History of Ibn Battuta the traveler. Course: Arabic culture see more

Arabic music, art, literature, poets, and culture. Course: Arabic Culture see more

This activity allows students to use bioinformatics tools to identify mutations found in hemophilia and cystic fibrosis.... see more

A one page activity that takes students to several websites related to the obesity epidemic. First they can calculate... see more

This is an out of class exercise that allows students to explore biological molecules that contain heme like molecules... see more

In an introductory biology course, a lecture is often devoted to describing the functions of each organelle. While this... see more

This module focuses on the generation of a standard curve based on the activity of an enzyme. A plasma cholesterol assay... see more

This module focuses on the generation of a standard curve based on the sizes of protein or nucleic acids separated on a... see more

This module explores half life and how the declining amount of a parent radioactive isotope can be expressed by an... see more

This module introduces the math behind PCR reactions and precedes a second module on quantitative PCR. The PCR reaction... see more

This module introduces the math behind quantitative PCR reactions and follows a module on PCR. The PCR reaction is best... see more

This is designed as an in-class activity in which students are asked to predict which biomes would be present at a... see more

Use French songs to promote the French language and French culture. Course: French see more

Warm-up activities that gives the students something to accomplish. Course: American History see more

It helps studetns master reading comprehension skills. The warm-ups contain reading paragraphs followed and questions... see more

Quizzes can be taken in class or at home. Course: Arabic see more