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More good stuff regarding the possible impacts that we may face! Scary stuff! See text of assignment below. Course: 7th... see more

See attached text of assignment for specifics. Follow links as needed. Course: 9th Grade see more

This lesson is a start to a discussion on volcanology. Use the text of this assignment. Discuss in small groups. Go... see more

Informal lesson deals with El Nino and its effects for our earth. See text of assignment. Course: 12th Grade... see more

This learning exercise helps students identify, locate, and evaluate scholarly articles. see more

According to state and national standards, elementary teachers are to plan and conduct experiments with the students in... see more

Students compare the reproductive strategies of several microscopic organisms to those of zebrafish. Procedures for... see more

This assignment helps students sort out their understanding of diffusion and bulk flow as two separate processes, both of... see more

45 minutes bibliographic instruction assignment Course: Bibliographic Instruction see more

Engages students in thoughts about conception, growth, and maintenance of continuing work ethics as part of a... see more

What is the work ethic? Where does it come from? Do I have it? This assignment asks students to address these questions... see more

Teachers, trainers, and professors with years of experience in classrooms report that ?computer networking encourages the... see more

Experience learning processes as they happen. Develop metacognitive knowledge. see more

Send students on a virtual earthquake research trip. Give students a desinated area where they can find out information... see more

This lesson for teachers has them view actual videos of students working in Mr. Bingman's and Mrs. Havlik's classes. The... see more

This is a reading comprehension and social skills activity. Course: 1st Grade see more

This is a great reading for fluency and prediction lesson. It also strengthens social skills. Course: 1st Grade see more

This lesson is great for student observation, questions, and answers. Course: 1st Grade see more

This is a word analysis and concept building activity. Also serves to increase social abilities. Course: 2nd Grade see more

Solid law of gravity assignment that has students responding to questions and building vocabulary. Course: 2nd Grade... see more

Students are recording/drawing data, building vocab, and creating an edible Cassini spacecraft. Course: 2nd Grade... see more

Today's journalism efforts are expanding through crowdsourcing. THis activity explains citizen journalism, crowdsourcing,... see more

As a follow-up to the The Impact of Technology on the 21st Century Classroom chapter in the book Teaching Science in the... see more