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This assignment is aligned to California Earth Science Standard 5d. It is an interactive tour of aquarium exhibits that... see more

Element exploration leading to a presentation on element's unique characteristics while analyzing differences and... see more

These lectures provide a a useful resource for teachers to work through the material using visual interactive displays.... see more

Assessment to accompany 'Whale Evolution Kiosk' developed by Gail Bromiley of DeBakey H.S. in Houston, TX. A key to this... see more

Provide students with the necessary tools to study for their exams. Course: Chemistry see more

Using this Applet, you will do a virtual titration to determine the molarity of an acid.  Follow the directions and take... see more

good see more

Students will explore the processes of ingestion and excretion in animals. Course: Introductory Biology for Non-majors see more

I like to use this after going over Natural Selection. Students simulate peppered moths in a variety of environments to... see more

Learn 12 lead see more

I have students go through the frog dissection and answer these questions as they do. Course: 7th Grade Life Science see more

4 questions on C3, C4 and CAM plants see more

Topics covered in this lab include fricative turbulence, plosives, burst range, nasals, liquids and glides. Course:... see more

This lab examines the difference between a statement and a question, and the intensity, duration and frequency changes... see more

In a cooperative learning classroom setting, each group of students is assigned a particular terrestrial biome, and is... see more

Part of Radioactive Decay Lesson Course: Chemistry see more

PowerPoint Presentation notes for Radioactive Decay Lesson see more

This lesson attempts to teach how radioactive decay works. A two question warm-up will be ready for students as class... see more

An introduction of the Law of Universal Gravitation to get a better understanding of the force of attration between two... see more

Students will use a map of Mars to measure the height and width of Mars' four largest volcanoes. They will decide what... see more

The Maya developed a very sophisticated study of astronomy, which enabled them to create a very accurate calendar and... see more

Brassica oleracea has been genetically modified during a number of genetic breeding programs to create a number of... see more

Assignment for illustrating the relationship between simple harmonic motion, circular motion, and sine waves. Applet by... see more