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A website the shows students artifacts found at Harappa in the Indus Valley. Shows students the city Course:... see more

The Martha Ballard Case Study: A Midwife's Tale is a case study in how tragic character assassination can be in an 18th... see more

The Martha Ballard Case Study: A Midwife's Tale is a case of tragic character assassination in an 18th century New... see more

Excellent tutorial guide for EE/CE students with lots of exercises and examples.. Course: Introduction To Logic Systems... see more

See http://www.yale.edu/ynhti/curriculum/units/1996/5/96.05.01.x.html for "Using Drosophila to Teach Genetics" by... see more

Ask students to describe the physical and energetic transformations H2O undergoes as it proceeds through the power... see more

Afghanistan is a privately owned web site designed to provide as much information on a country the United States is now... see more

The official web site for King Abdullah II of Jordan offers valuable material and information about contemporary Jordan... see more

Lowell, Massachusetts was the site of the first textile mills constructed in the United States in the first half of the... see more

The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud is located in the Loire Valley in Central France. The Abbey contained five religious orders... see more

The site depends exclusively on Harper's Weekly for the material relating to the impeachment and trial of President... see more

The Walled Town of Carcassonne web site is in French, Englilsh, and Italian. The web site details the history of... see more

Over 100,000 books are published yearly, and that's just in the United States. It is amazing how much digital information... see more

An extensive collection of information in a range of categories about Great Britain during the Victorian Era. Course:... see more

Individual or group project. Have students browse the website. Depending on what topic is being covered in class, choose... see more

An extensive collection of contemporary resources describing Britain during the Victorian Era. Course: Western... see more

This assignment is an interactive lesson concerning the cell membrane and some of it's components. The students will work... see more

The students will look at the mitosis tutorial and then use those pictures to find cells on their own from a onion tip... see more

The students are asked to go through the activities and the tutorial on this website, and then complete the problem set... see more

The 7 minute instruction video must be viewed using headphones by each student. They must then complete the simulation... see more

This is a worksheet that goes along with the site. It will be a hardcopy of some of the information obtained from the... see more

This assignment is for the Plants and Animals (Succession) website which describes the effect of the volcano eruption on... see more

Students will make their own time lapse movies while learning about plants. Course: Biology see more