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Answer the questions given in the exercise. each question consists of 2 marks, -ve marks will be given for each wrong... see more

A PowerPoint presentation teaching students how to use Google Spreadsheets to create a budget for a trip. Course: French... see more

Intermediate level ESL learner will be asked to write a description of their favorite person, and why they are their... see more

The American Civil Liberties Union is an activist group that supports intellectual freedom. This lesson analyzes ACLU's... see more

This assignment explores concepts of civil rights. Course: American Government see more

This learning activity introduces students to several intellectual freedom issues, and has them develop case scenarios to... see more

This interactive tool will enable you to learn how to do correct citation for your research papers. Course: Any course... see more

This asignment explores how data flows on the Internet. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

Adaptation of the "History News" game on the Gluing Students to Their Seats" site. Course: History 413 see more

Practice in using a variety of supplemental activities (contests, art projects, video productions, etc.) to reinforce... see more

Debemos contestar a las preguntas planteadas a partir de la lectura recomendada see more

The goal for this assignment is for students to build an appreciation of the marvelous tailoring of evolution that makes... see more

Utilizing the students knowlege of anatomical and physiological adaptations,compare bone structure of the human, gorilla... see more

Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences of the human, gorilla and baboon skeleton see more

Interactive skeletal game to help students learn the skeletal system. Course: Biology see more


Students identify a population with a specific disability, evaluate and select appropriate assistive technology... see more

This interactive animation demonstrates counting in the binary number system while simultaneously showing it in the... see more

This assignment is designed to give students the opportunity to use an online imagebase and learn how to use specific... see more

One Course – Six assignments  Three Social Media Tools    Seven Games see more

Mathematics and science are often the great separators rather than equalizers. They are the gatekeeper subjects. Without... see more

This lesson enables families to engage in interactive learning activities by using the Cybrfamilies blog of thematic... see more

checking the corelation of ozone levels with UV index. see more

This activity sheet accompanies the short podcast found on the educational materials website. Students can stop the... see more