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Web assignment based on an embedded Web assignment by Wolfgang Christian. Focuses on the electric field flux and Gauss'... see more

A classroom introduction to Thermodynamic Equilibrium applet. Course: Introductory Physics see more

Reading from the authors of the Thermodynamic Equilibrium applet see more

Students read the tutorial and then test their understanding by typing SQL code for the exercises. When they submit their... see more

This is a follow-up assignment for students who have already used the FlyLab to look at mono-hybris crosses. In this... see more

A grading rubric for FlyLab assignment #2. see more

Students are given an electron micrograph of a virus and asked to design/describe experiments to identify the virus using... see more

Students use the TranslationLab to determine the genetic code by translating di-, tri-,and tetra-nucleotide repeats.... see more

Problem-based assignments where students use the EvolutionLab to investigate natural selection on a quantitative trait.... see more

Writing a Wikipedia article about a genetic disease is a good culminating activity for a genetics course or module, as it... see more

The last part of Mapping Human Genetic Traits Course: Intro Biology, Genetics see more

Students map human disease genes using pedigrees and RFLPs. Course: Intro Biology, Genetics see more

In this activity, students are assigned different alleles of the gene for phenylalanine hydroxylase to research using... see more

Students are asked to use electronic PCR to identify sequence tagged sites (STS) in some large segments of human genomic... see more

Genome projects generate tremendous amounts of genomic DNA sequence every year. Scientists wish to identify individual... see more

Educational presentation with heart sounds that allows the student to hear the sound as the student reviews the... see more

A couple of practice problems in translation. Students can either do these manually or use a linked web-based program to... see more

A exercise on designing effective DNA primers. This exercise asks students to design primers that would bind to two... see more

An interactive lecture in which students use data on feeding habits and habitat, skeletons, and DNA sequences to draw... see more

Activity to assist students to understand how viruses spread through a population. see more

Practice problems in designing PCR primers and understanding the products of the first three rounds of PCR amplification.... see more

ss Course: Solid State of Physics see more

This module introduces students to the basics behind translation of a messenger RNA sequence into protein. In addition to... see more

Student-preparation worksheet that includes four predetermined fruit-fly crosses as guiding examples and other websites... see more