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An interactive lecture in which students use data on feeding habits and habitat, skeletons, and DNA sequences to draw... see more

This module focuses on the generation of a standard curve based on the sizes of protein or nucleic acids separated on a... see more

This is an activity on simple series and parallel combinations of resistances. see more

Orientation to VGL II and exercises in deducing modes of inheritance from simulated crosses. Course: Principles of... see more

In this Pre-lab you will design and conduct the following acid base titration: 1) Hydrochloric acid, HCl (strong acid),... see more

Virtual lab using Drosophila as a test subject to show how traits are passed from parent to offspring. This activity can... see more

For this assignment students use online genetic databases such as Genbank and OMIM to research a particular genetic... see more

In this activity, students are assigned different alleles of the gene for phenylalanine hydroxylase to research using... see more

Select an element from the illustrated Periodic Table and find information such as - when and how it was discovered - its... see more

Ask students to calculate the fuel costs to run one boiler in this plant at full capacity as specified on the flow... see more

This is a popular demonstration known as the fireproof balloon. The site that is linked below has a very clear... see more

Students will use this site to learn the parts of the compound microscope. see more

For a 24hr. period have the students write down the name and quantity of any food or drink (include water). see more

Dealing with ethical issues related with DNA see more

Predictions are made using Punnett Squares using pennies or chips to simulate crosses made. Course: High School Biology;... see more

siemap/FAQ/Links/Glossary/ Click on the Earth and date that you want to see. Click on the El Nino/La Nina and PDO. Great... see more

siemap/FAQ/Links/Glossary/ Click on the Earth and date that you want to see. Click on the El Nino/La Nina and PDO. Great... see more

Have students create different impacts by changing the data (such as impact velocity, projectile diameter, density and so... see more

Students will be able to practice calculating the resistance, current, and voltage across a circuit that they will build... see more

This is a fun activity to show your students that what you see is not always "what you see". Your eyes gather light from... see more

Introduction to using the technique of karyotyping to evaluate possible genetic dieases in humans. Students analyze three... see more

This simulation allows your students to view a complete skeleton then crumble it down and try to reassemble it back... see more