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The purpose of this activity is to provide students with a hands-on activity, which will enhance their understanding of... see more

Students will create a powerpoint presentation using the Solar System reference Text & multimedia website as one of their... see more

great visual depiction of celestial objects see more

This assignment is aligned to California Earth Science Standard 5d. It is an interactive tour of aquarium exhibits that... see more

The process you can use to extract DNA from any living object. Course: Biology see more

information about solar storms, the radiation that can be graphed and subsequent radio blackouts. see more

Here is a comprehensive powerpoint on groundwater with diagrams and photographs of the topics being presented Course:... see more

Element exploration leading to a presentation on element's unique characteristics while analyzing differences and... see more

This is an activity that has students search the nine planets web site for the requirements for life; warmth, water and... see more

Students apply reading strategies to get the most from reading the article, "Fishing For Fun Takes Its Toll." see more

An activity to further understand mass vs weight using the student's comparitive mass and weight on other planets as well... see more

Students will work in groups to examine their own bodies for the presence of Mendelian traits. They will Classify... see more

This hands-on activity requires very little preparation or materials but provides a clear and meaningful way to... see more

A worksheet activity. After students use the physics tutorial, they will work individually on the activity provided by... see more

Students follow the steps of the scientific method to investigate water usage. There is an important collaborative... see more

Interactive skeletal game to help students learn the skeletal system. Course: Biology see more

ejercicio agregado al material see more

Great for use as a reference tool for diagrams, worksheets and lectures. Pictures are helpful for language learners. see more

Even has clear descriptions to those questions ( such as a warm-up) like, "why do we only see one side of the moon"?... see more

Use as a simulated lab without the mess and fuss. Students can get a glimpse of what happens below the Earth as it... see more

This site allows you to check your anwers. Great reference tool. Students can use as a check to their work. Has all core... see more