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Arabic music, art, literature, poets, and culture. Course: Arabic Culture see more

History of Ibn Battuta the traveler. Course: Arabic culture see more

Grammar, vocabulary, quizzes, and resources. It is a good resource for teachers for lesson planning. Course: French and... see more

Games and activities that can be used in ESL/EFL classes at different levels. Course: Englins see more

Assignment asks instructors/education students to reflect on the reading in relation to teaching or developing an online... see more

The activity will help students sharpen their writing and gaining knowledge about history, geography, and travel. Course:... see more

This activity encorage students to read in their own see more

Exercises to review and improve your French language skills. see more

Create a WebQuest Course: EME 2040 see more

This project is for grade high school students grage 9-10.Each student will use a digital camera to create a photo album... see more

Students must stack numbers or letters in order to win the game. see more

Guide to help students plan their oral presentations Course: All subjects see more

Tips on what to do first days of school to create a good learning environment. see more

Essay writing tips Course: All subjects see more


write essay on ID in elearning. Course: ID see more

To memorize the formulas, equations and definitions. see more

Using the Interview Skills Checklist, this systematic instruction plan is designed to work with individual or small... see more

Trach care should be performed using strict sterile technique. The nurse should perform this procedure with knowledge to... see more


Lab exercise see more

This is a lesson that has students observing weather, collecting data, sending data to NASA, and then completing... see more

This activity is designed to give participants a hand-on experience of what it is like to have a learning disability in... see more

teaching methodology Course: teaching methdology see more

https://baylor.app.box.com/fil... see more

Objeto de aprendizaje mediante el cual el instructor SENA identifica la ruta para la creación de diseños curriculares en... see more