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Students wil complete lab activities dealing with volume. see more

This website goes through different topics on evolution. For each topic there are several animations/videos that help... see more

Using the Decimal to Binary Chart, convert the following decimal numbers to binary. |128|64|32|16|8|4|2|1| Course:... see more

Students will use an interactive program along with textbook to learn about the Periodic Table. Students will be given a... see more

Listing of links to lots of information on biographies of scientists Course: 8th grade Physical Science see more

Listing of links to lots of information on biographies of scientists Course: 8th grade Physical Science see more

This website has a great simuation that puts the students in the shoes of a crime scene investigator. The simulation... see more

Introduction to Geologic Time. This activity introduces students to Law of Superposition. Students will practice with... see more

An excellent visual model that illustrates the movement of the moon around the Earth and its corresponding phase as seen... see more

In the future we will attempt to live on Mars by trying to create a miniature little biosphere, where plants convert the... see more

Students will be exposed to a lecture on the human skeletal system, using a human skeleton. Covers the parts of the... see more

This includes and brief lecture on levers and its three classes, and a paper lever lab. Teacher will bring in real world... see more

This will be part of a designated computer lab class. Students will complete this assignment along with a number of... see more

Students will physically walk out the movementof the decimal point when converting units in the metric system. It is... see more

Students are introduced to converting units in the metric system. see more

Students go on a scavenger hunt to learn about the metric system. see more

Students work together to create "polypeptides" using balloons and string. Course: Biology see more

Students drag and drop the dental images into the correct location on the mount using the bucal perspective. see more

A day of involvement to learn how rocks form and change. Course: Earth Science see more

Students will view a live web cam displaying various animals in the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is located in Monterey,... see more

This lesson addresses skill development for measuring sizes of sunspots and making comparisons relevant to the size of... see more

Great conversion chart for students to understand the distances expressed in lightyears by converting that to kilometers... see more

In this activity students examine karyotypes from five individuals to try to identify which chromosomes determine gender... see more