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Create a classroom chart of planetary information gathered from the internet. Course: Astronomy see more

Great conversion chart for students to understand the distances expressed in lightyears by converting that to kilometers... see more

Great to use with resource or data sheets. Have students draw and color the components of a comet. Make a story sheet... see more

Websites allow for great warm-ups, discussios, guess whats and just plain fun to look. See what we can't unless you visit... see more

Match characteristics, formation, and evolution of stars. Course: 9th grade earth science see more

Answer questions about the solar system. Course: 9th grade earth science see more

Quiz about the atmosphere Course: 9th grade earth science see more

Students will use the site to view an animation on why the moon has different phases. They will use this knowledge to... see more

Students will research and present their findings about different planets and objects in our solar system. Course: Earth... see more

Students will create a powerpoint presentation using the Solar System reference Text & multimedia website as one of their... see more

great visual depiction of celestial objects see more

information about solar storms, the radiation that can be graphed and subsequent radio blackouts. see more

Have students create different impacts by changing the data (such as impact velocity, projectile diameter, density and so... see more

Students use internet to research the contibutions in astronomy. Course: Earth Science see more

A student workgroup will create, compare and contrast a Galactic Classification system to one that was developed by Edwin... see more

Animation shows the actual movement of the moon around the earth. see more

Actual pictures of the phases of the moon. see more

Actual pictures of the phases of the moon. see more

Do your students ever argue that NASA and the American Government faked the moon landings in order to "beat" the... see more

Worksheet that aids with the tutorial Written by George and Jane Hastings Course: Earth Science and Astronomy see more

Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written... see more

Did you know that you can see satellites with the naked eye? This site allows you to assign "viewing" opportunities for... see more

checking the corelation of ozone levels with UV index. see more