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cashflow statement see more

cashflow statement see more

A simple on-line survey that consists of 34 questions that assesses one's interpersonal communication skills. Course:... see more

A personality inventory was completed online by each student to determine their personality and communication styles. the... see more

This is a group activity that reflects on possible true life scenarios in a business environment using steps to make an... see more

This assignment explores work ethic is an important part of preparing for a successful future as a student and as an... see more

The learning exercise is designed to help students apply basic concepts in financial accounting to their personal... see more

Comparison of two corporate websites for determining product classifications and marketing philosophy differences.... see more

This assignment requires that the student access information from the Census of Manufacturers. Because the students are... see more

This assignment allows students to determine their selling style and then to development guidelines for adapting that... see more

This exercise takes students through an interactive series of steps in which they forecast sales for the Buggy Palace,... see more

This exercise lets students determine how the cost of living in various cities can impact what salaries are paid to... see more

The assignment is to introduce students to the purpose and members of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) via... see more

An exercise to introduce students to marketing ideas. To help to better understand why advertising is important. see more

This assignment has the students create a poster or podcast explaining the costs and benefits of voting. Course: American... see more

In this assignment students explore the Federal Reserve’s management of the nation’s money. Course: American Government see more

This assignment explores the formation of conservative and liberal political beliefs. Course: AMERICAN GOVERNMENT see more

This lesson identifies your leadership type and its impact. Course: Management see more

Students will answer questions about the T-account of each account given. They will need to decipher if the account has a... see more

This assignment can be used to introduce business students to the methodology of case analysis. It also demonstrates that... see more

After reading the material in each chapter, you can respond to multiple choices quizes and send the responses to me.... see more

SME Business Services Ltd. India is assisting the industry all over India, small & medium enterprises. These... see more