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This activity allows you to explore invertebrates and vertebrates. Course: Introduction to Biology for Non-Majors see more

Students create an online video clip using 12-15 still images that will be used for introducing or summarizing specific... see more

Students will analyze political cartoons to discuss propaganda messages. Course: Middle school social studies see more

Se determina de 1,7 a 2 el caudal basado principalmente en las caracteristicas de una persona estandar; Es menester... see more

The American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Research Council have embarked on a long-term... see more

How can learners interact effectively in an online learning environment? The first step in answering this question is to... see more

In this assignment students will identify areas of strength and weakness in their personal learning style and their areas... see more

This assignment supplements the development of an arts lesson plan. Student teachers will work in teams of two to develop... see more

Individualized Transition Plans (ITPs) are now required for students who have IEPs ages 14 and up. Goals need to be... see more

Inexperienced and experienced online students can benefit from learning about online courtesy. Establishing good online... see more

With more students taking advantage of distance education offerings, it is imperative that both experienced and... see more

All of the lessons on the Visionlearning site have practice quizzes associated with them. They're really helpful! see more

Here, you will get a clear idea of what MI are and how people learn Course: Curriculum Development see more

This holistic rubric was used after students participated in a PowerPoint Movie assaignment involving poems by Emily... see more

This assignment is designed to introduce you to Sketchcast.com and show you how it can be used in teaching. Course: Use... see more

Students will choose from one of three descriptive writing assignments after reading That was then, This is Now. As the... see more

A Brief Prison Tour. see more

A 70-item online personality questionnaire that provides a rough indicator of temperment and correlates .75 with the... see more

LD OnLine includes a section where experts in the field are asked to participate in online chats. Each chat focuses on a... see more

This website details seven areas under "Characteristics Associated with Autism": 1) Impairments in Communication, 2)... see more

This website is primarily designed for use by parents, by others can gain a great deal of information from its contents.... see more

Being able to locate information online is an invaluable way to keep current as a classroom teacher. Course: Moderate... see more

Gain knowledge and share information with other teachers around the country who work with students with learning... see more

For my project at Open University I am creating a mobile app toolkit for study online using a mobile or tablet. Due to... see more