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Student-preparation worksheet that includes four predetermined fruit-fly crosses as guiding examples and other websites... see more

Students will learn the concept of radioactive decay using this interactive website Course: Life Science see more

Using Adobe InDesign (or other layout software of your choice), create a digital portfolio that demonstrates and... see more

How to find answers about the universe using NASA resources Course: Science 1 see more

This allows students to search databases on the internet, to find information that is being asked of them Course: INFT... see more

Students will be required to use this resource to answer questions on a teacher provided worksheet that asks students to... see more

answer the following questions. Course: science see more

In this activity, students are assigned different alleles of the gene for phenylalanine hydroxylase to research using... see more

For this assignment students use online genetic databases such as Genbank and OMIM to research a particular genetic... see more

Students use a computer simulation, the commercial Biolabs Virtual Fly simulation, of fruit fly crosses to investigate... see more

This module introduces students to the basics behind translation of a messenger RNA sequence into protein. Students learn... see more

An assignment to help your students understand how light travels using a slinky. see more

A lecture on the development of the fetus, premature babies, the importance of the placenta and umbilical cord, and... see more

A lecture on the male and female reproductive systems with the use of a website with colorful graphics. Course: 7th grade... see more

This lesson will introduce the Electromagnetic Spectrum and all the types of radiation that make up the spectrum. It will... see more

An introduction to the composition of light. The following is meant as an introduction to a unit on light and color. see more

A brief lecture covering muscle tears, tendonitis, and the adngers of anabolic steroid use. Course: 7th grade Life... see more

Students go on a scavenger hunt to learn about the metric system. see more

Students wil complete lab activities dealing with volume. see more

This is a lab where the students do activities centered around mass and length. see more

Students are introduced to converting units in the metric system. see more

Students will physically walk out the movementof the decimal point when converting units in the metric system. It is... see more

Student will be exposed to a lecture/demonstration on the muscle system. They will learn the differences between... see more

This will be part of a designated computer lab class. Students will complete this assignment along with a number of... see more