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In this activity, students are assigned different alleles of the gene for phenylalanine hydroxylase to research using... see more

This module introduces the math behind quantitative PCR reactions and follows a module on PCR. The PCR reaction is best... see more

This module introduces the math behind PCR reactions and precedes a second module on quantitative PCR. The PCR reaction... see more

Create a brochure. Course: Introduction to Biology for Nonmajors see more

This is designed as an in-class activity in which students are asked to predict which biomes would be present at a... see more

This assignment explores how Mendel’s work with pea plants relates to breeding livestock. Course: Introduction to Biology... see more

A one page activity that takes students to several websites related to the obesity epidemic. First they can calculate... see more

This is an out of class exercise that allows students to explore biological molecules that contain heme like molecules... see more

This activity allows students to use bioinformatics tools to identify mutations found in hemophilia and cystic fibrosis.... see more

This lab illustrates how environmental pressures, such as food shape, can determine the success/fitness of species... see more

You will study the five phases of cell division known as Mitosis. Know what the physical appearance of each stage and... see more

Students will observe how different objects may contain microbes. They will observe multiplication of microbes. see more

This module introduces students to the basics behind translation of a messenger RNA sequence into protein. Students learn... see more

An introduction to the composition of light. The following is meant as an introduction to a unit on light and color. see more

This assignment focuses on a description of one of the Great Lakes and then on a particular Area of Concern within that... see more

I like to use this as an intro to genetics in class before I go over ANYTHING. It's great to use after you've introduced... see more

Students will explore the different functional systems and distinguish between the circulatory systems of invertebrates... see more

Students will explore the evolution of humans from primates. Course: Introductory Biology for Non-majors see more

Students will explore the evolution of plants. Course: Introductory Biology for Non-majors see more

Students will explore the respiratory organs and the process of respiration in animals. Course: Introductory Biology for... see more

This activity uses the "Biomes of the World" website to help students with an overview of the terrestrial biomes of the... see more

Students will create visual or graphical representations of the stages of mitosis and present them before the class. see more

6 questions on photosynthesis see more

Students are asked to answer specific questions about the animated interaction between actin and myosin. Students should... see more