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This simulation allows your students to view a complete skeleton then crumble it down and try to reassemble it back... see more

Students will click on the DNA Replication link. They will be taken to a page and click "Start Quiz." They then have the... see more

The purpose of this activity is to provide students with a hands-on activity, which will enhance their understanding of... see more

Students will compare and contrast animal mitosis and plant mitosis. Teacher should provide a handout with spaces... see more

This site allows teacher and students to set the parameters of a pred/prey relationship and then run a simulation. At any... see more

This assignment is aligned to California Earth Science Standard 5d. It is an interactive tour of aquarium exhibits that... see more

This is a fun activity to show your students that what you see is not always "what you see". Your eyes gather light from... see more

Introduction to using the technique of karyotyping to evaluate possible genetic dieases in humans. Students analyze three... see more

After using the "Evoltuion Lab" site, have students get into comfortable groups where they are all able to access a... see more

Great site for literacy assignments and class discussions. Topics are oraganized in the following areas agriculture,... see more

Fun tutorials to help students learn the names and functions of cell organelles see more

Read article that is supportive of smallpox vaccination and compare to article that refutes the benefits of such... see more

Major biological concepts are animated with narrated and step tutorials followed by quizzes. see more

This assignment allows students to distinguish between a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and where they are placed in... see more

Dealing with ethical issues related with DNA see more

Predictions are made using Punnett Squares using pennies or chips to simulate crosses made. Course: High School Biology;... see more

Research and Presentation Course: Biology see more

Students will make their own time lapse movies while learning about plants. Course: Biology see more

This is a worksheet that goes along with the site. It will be a hardcopy of some of the information obtained from the... see more

This assignment is for the Plants and Animals (Succession) website which describes the effect of the volcano eruption on... see more

The 7 minute instruction video must be viewed using headphones by each student. They must then complete the simulation... see more

The students will look at the mitosis tutorial and then use those pictures to find cells on their own from a onion tip... see more

The students are asked to go through the activities and the tutorial on this website, and then complete the problem set... see more