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This is a supplement assignment to be used in a beginning nutrition course. Course: Infant and Child Nutrition see more

Students will perform a virtual lab that encompasses identifying a bacterium using a small sample of DNA. They will use... see more

This is a good introductory exercise to familiarize students with the features and information that can be obtained... see more

Students use mitochondrial D-loop sequences of orangutan, chimpanzee, gorrilla, human and neanderthal sequences to... see more

The 7 minute instruction video must be viewed using headphones by each student. They must then complete the simulation... see more

Students will explore the chemical composition of cells and analyze the various processes that happen at the cellular... see more

Students will practice classifying living things into categories based on different criteria. Course: Introductory... see more

Your assignment is to navigate to the following site, read through the materials presented, and take the practice exam.... see more

This midterm is a sample from Prof. Roger Sabbadini's Muscle Physiology section of the BIO590 (upper division) Human... see more

Students are given a sequence representing a segment of the 16S rRNA gene and must determine which organism it comes from... see more

Students will use human, neanderthal, chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan D-loop mitochondrial sequences to perform a... see more

A virtual where you carry the sequential steps to isolate bacteria, purity DNA, PCR, amplify the DNA sequence 16S... see more

Students will click on the DNA Replication link. They will be taken to a page and click "Start Quiz." They then have the... see more

Students are to read two web sites presenting opposing views and write an editorial commentary on their opinion citing... see more

This module focuses on the generation of a standard curve based on the activity of an enzyme. A plasma cholesterol assay... see more

This assignment explores the composition of blood. Course: Introduction to Biology for Non-Majors see more

This assignment explores human evolution. see more

This is a guided assignment to help students explore variuos aspects of evolution. Course: BIO 101 see more

Themes in the study of biology and the porcess of science. see more

Students will explore the evolution of invertebrates. Course: Introductory Biology for Non-majors see more

Students will explore the reproductive strategies of angiosperms. Course: Introductory Biology for Non-majors see more

Students will explore the Mendelian and chromosomal patterns of inheritance. Course: Introductory Biology for Non-majors see more

According to state and national standards, elementary teachers are to plan and conduct experiments with the students in... see more

Students compare the reproductive strategies of several microscopic organisms to those of zebrafish. Procedures for... see more