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Students use Biology Workbench and Protein Explorer to align either orthologous or paralogous sequences and then... see more

Students will perform a content reading lesson and fill out a worksheet pertaining to the "Bad Bug Book." Course:... see more

Using animations and web based content the students learn about how blood flows through the heart before and after birth.... see more

This assignment is an interactive lesson concerning the cell membrane and some of it's components. The students will work... see more

This is a worksheet that goes along with the site. It will be a hardcopy of some of the information obtained from the... see more

The purpose of this activity is to provide students with a hands-on activity, which will enhance their understanding of... see more

This lesson for teachers has them view actual videos of students working in Mr. Bingman's and Mrs. Havlik's classes. The... see more

Review of site and completing a quiz. Course: For VCCS: NUR 211; biology, nursing, medicine see more

This assignment was completed by a pair of college students in a science teacher education class. The assignment is for... see more

This assignment was designed for a lab but could be done in a regular classroom. It is intended to take at least three... see more

For this assignment, experienced science teachers reviewed exemplary online lessons for teaching human blood circulation... see more

This lesson for science teachers shows many examples of students' misconceptions about evolution and two teachers'... see more

Student reads lyrics and listens to "Pump. Pump, Pumps Your Blood" then will draw blood flow through the heart. Students... see more

13 slides with interactive questions covering cancer, causes, progess and treatement with a quiz. Course: Nursing,... see more

Create a Venn Diagram. Course: Introduction to Biology for Non-Majors see more

To locate an article about native Tennessee flora and fauna. Course: Biology see more

Be able to demostrative the difference between plant cells and animal cells.  see more

Students will analyze the physical structure of plants and the process of transport of nutrients in plants. Course:... see more

The goal for this assignment is for students to build an appreciation of the marvelous tailoring of evolution that makes... see more

Utilizing the students knowlege of anatomical and physiological adaptations,compare bone structure of the human, gorilla... see more

Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences of the human, gorilla and baboon skeleton see more

Major biological concepts are animated with narrated and step tutorials followed by quizzes. see more

Interactive skeletal game to help students learn the skeletal system. Course: Biology see more