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Practice problems in designing PCR primers and understanding the products of the first three rounds of PCR amplification.... see more

Students will use human, neanderthal, chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan D-loop mitochondrial sequences to perform a... see more

Students are asked to use electronic PCR to identify sequence tagged sites (STS) in some large segments of human genomic... see more

Genome projects generate tremendous amounts of genomic DNA sequence every year. Scientists wish to identify individual... see more

Students use the TranslationLab to determine the genetic code by translating di-, tri-,and tetra-nucleotide repeats.... see more

Problem-based assignments where students use the EvolutionLab to investigate natural selection on a quantitative trait.... see more

The last part of Mapping Human Genetic Traits Course: Intro Biology, Genetics see more

Students map human disease genes using pedigrees and RFLPs. Course: Intro Biology, Genetics see more

This rubric describes the grading criteria for trihybrid mapping problems. Course: Genetics see more

Trihybrid crosses and mapping of numerous genes. Course: Genetics see more

A grading rubric for a large mapping prblem involving several genes Course: Genetics see more

Students are given an electron micrograph of a virus and asked to design/describe experiments to identify the virus using... see more

Students are given a sequence representing a segment of the 16S rRNA gene and must determine which organism it comes from... see more

Students learn the principles of pcr through animations and explanations at the website.They apply their knowledge to a... see more

Students are to read two web sites presenting opposing views and write an editorial commentary on their opinion citing... see more

This is a follow-up assignment for students who have already used the FlyLab to look at mono-hybris crosses. In this... see more

A grading rubric for FlyLab assignment #2. see more

The second part of FlyLab Assignment 1. This finishes the instructions on how to do crosses using the FlyLab and how to... see more

This is a sample write up for the first problem in FlyLab assignment 1. Course: Genetics see more

This is a scoring rubric for FlyLab Assignment 1 giving the characteristics expected in the write-ups for this assignment... see more

An introductory assignment that takes students step by step through the Flylab and then has them investigate some simple... see more

This midterm is a sample from Prof. Roger Sabbadini's Muscle Physiology section of the BIO590 (upper division) Human... see more