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This assignment will appeal to the naturalistic multiple intelligence learner. Course: Biology/zoology see more

Students will make their own time lapse movies while learning about plants. Course: Biology see more

Research and Presentation Course: Biology see more

Students create an earthquake and either see how P and S waves are used to calculate the quake's position, or use the P... see more

This activity is aimed at challenging the speed in which students can balance chemical equations. see more

A student workgroup will create, compare and contrast a Galactic Classification system to one that was developed by Edwin... see more

Simulate the use of a microscope and the concept of magnification. Course: Life Science, Botany, Biology see more

After using the "Evoltuion Lab" site, have students get into comfortable groups where they are all able to access a... see more

The process you can use to extract DNA from any living object. Course: Biology see more

https://baylor.app.box.com/fil... see more

Students can compare the different landing sites of the moon. see more

Part of Radioactive Decay Lesson Course: Chemistry see more

Students will use a map of Mars to measure the height and width of Mars' four largest volcanoes. They will decide what... see more

See the first link at this site. It provides an overview of the instructions for running the Beer Game simulation in a... see more

1. Watch the law firm recruiting process video 2 Click on candidates' pictures to see their interviews 3. Make your... see more

An assignment to help your students understand how light travels using a slinky. see more

Great site for literacy assignments and class discussions. Topics are oraganized in the following areas agriculture,... see more

This is a fun activity to show your students that what you see is not always "what you see". Your eyes gather light from... see more

Students:The 5th graders Activity: Listen to the story and order the pictures Objectives: Students can identify the names... see more

 The students will discusss the ways a jail population can be made less violent and more respectful.  The students will... see more

This is a worksheet that students can fill out to try to prove that their crater is the best on on Mars. Course: Earth... see more