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45 minutes bibliographic instruction assignment Course: Bibliographic Instruction see more

The collection of advertising slogans, jingles, and catchphrases can be used as a basis for recall-style quizzes.... see more

Students will perform a content reading lesson and fill out a worksheet pertaining to the "Bad Bug Book." Course:... see more

Solid law of gravity assignment that has students responding to questions and building vocabulary. Course: 2nd Grade... see more

Students are recording/drawing data, building vocab, and creating an edible Cassini spacecraft. Course: 2nd Grade... see more

See text of assignment. This is a discussion of tectonics in the context of Mars and its surface. Follow the links as... see more

Good lesson for comparing and contrasting the winds on Earth and those on Mars. See the text of the lesson below for more... see more

Another chance to ask an astronomer a question. See text of lesson for details and ideas. Course: 7th Grade see more

Good compare contrast site for the concept of erosion. CDE aligned. See text of assignment for for specifics. Course: 4th... see more

Great lesson start for building knowledge of the red planet. See text of assignment for specifics. Course: 5th Grade... see more

Solid lesson on comets. See text of lesson for the specifics. Be sure and go to the "Deep Impact" link on the website!... see more

See text of assignment below but this lesson should fuel a nice discussion on pollution and where we are headed as a race... see more

Greenhouse discussion abounds here! See text of assignment below for specifics. Course: 10th Grade Science/Language Arts see more

See text of assignment. Follow the links as needed. Use small groups to set it up. Course: 11th Grade Science/Language... see more

This lesson has students learning about this state's water resources. The site is a massive store of information. Follow... see more

This lesson has kids writing research papers and interacting with the simulator while writing down data. See text of... see more

An introduction of the Law of Universal Gravitation to get a better understanding of the force of attration between two... see more

Good vocab and comprehension lesson/discussion about earthquakes. See text of assignment. Standard 19 BTSA compliant.... see more

Nice lesson for coastal erosion and other erosion as well and the current consequences. Course: 4th Grade Multiple... see more

Solid discussion on methods of discovering the earth's age. See text of assignment below. Follow the links and discuss in... see more

See the assignment text for specifics. This lesson has multiple facets. Mostly a collaborative activity, building vocab... see more

Nice and informative lesson on the ringed planet. See the text of this assignment for CDE aligned specifics. Be sure and... see more

Nice lesson on impact events and their effect on our planet and others. See text of assignment Course: 7th Grade see more