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Se determina de 1,7 a 2 el caudal basado principalmente en las caracteristicas de una persona estandar; Es menester... see more

Diagnosing abnormal and normal heart sounds see more

Use a Webmonkey turorial to create a web page see more

A LaTeX template such as this one started me on typesetting in LaTeX. I have tried to showcase the LaTeX features that I... see more

1. Describe the differences between the external ear of a term and premature newborn. 2. Utilize correct anatomical... see more

Predictions are made using Punnett Squares using pennies or chips to simulate crosses made. Course: High School Biology;... see more

Finding materials by call number in the library reference area and then finding related materials in the regular... see more

* part video and animation that accompanies Unit 19 - Cancer Concept Overview Course: NUR214 see more

Identify three types of ear problems ( deformity, birth trauma, and infection) and describe appearance as in nurses... see more

En este tutorial Mika Piccione explica la forma en que la que se puede lograr un efecto de Zombie sobre la foto de una... see more

70min Course: secure programming see more

View the section on how the brain works and post to the forum. Did anything surprise you? Is knowing this information... see more

Students will conduct a virtual acid-base titration lab and perform the appropriate calculations to determine the amount... see more

Descriptions of how to properly take a blood pressure. Definitions and pictures. Practice with module, and test at the... see more

Undergraduate and graduate students will have experience: 1) using the Internet for research, and 2) reading and analysis... see more

This is a worksheet that makes use of the emission and absorption applets for the visible spectrum of hydrogen within the... see more

This is a pre-lab activity that students can perform using the Lukin simulation prior to doing a Bragg scattering... see more

Downloadable siimulation and review question at the end of the material see more

Digital Experiments found on same site to demostrate the information present there. see more

Downloadable simulation that focuses on many aspects of business. see more

In this assignment students will identify areas of strength and weakness in their personal learning style and their areas... see more

How many different religions are there in your area? Which are the most common? Which are hardest to find? Complete the... see more

This is a supplement assignment to be used in a beginning nutrition course. Course: Infant and Child Nutrition see more

This is on online interactive assignment consisting of 3 tutorial modules. Course: Introduction to Online Learning see more