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Students will conduct a virtual acid-base titration lab and perform the appropriate calculations to determine the amount... see more

For my project at Open University I am creating a mobile app toolkit for study online using a mobile or tablet. Due to... see more

Dissection of the popliteal fossa and its surgical aspects has been discussed in real time by Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal,... see more

Review of basic dental terms. see more

The learning exercise is designed to help students apply basic concepts in financial accounting to their personal... see more

This activity introduces learners to a variety of resources on eHealth, which can inform their work in incorporating... see more

This activity helps learners locate and differentiate between popular and substantive news articles. see more

This activity explains the appropriate use of technology during a research project, and guides learning in technology... see more

This exercise helps one develop a good research question. see more

In this activity students learn how to read a scholarly article. see more

This exercise helps learners develop a systematic, strategic research plan. The focus is health information, but the... see more

People look for information in several diferent ways, depending on several internal and external factors. In this... see more

Students identify a population with a specific disability, evaluate and select appropriate assistive technology... see more

What can you gather about a culture from its imagery? How does text add meaning to visuals? This learning activity... see more

This learning exercise helps students identify, locate, and evaluate scholarly articles. see more

The 2015 IFLA school library guidelines offer a way to assess school libraries. The data gathered can guide program... see more

Over 100,000 books are published yearly, and that's just in the United States. It is amazing how much digital information... see more

Main index page for the 12 modules of the Goldberg Variations.  This is best completed in three weeks, at the rate for... see more

First reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

Second reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

Listening to the Goldberg Variations: first listening module (of three). see more

Third reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

Interactive exploration of the Bach monogram see more

Listening to the Goldberg Variations: second listening module (of three). see more