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The need for public health professionals has never been greater. But what is "Public Health" anyway? This interactive... see more

Material for Mat0018 see more

Students are to define the following HR terms in their own words. Then, they are to go to the above site and identify,... see more


write essay on ID in elearning. Course: ID see more

Utilizing the students knowlege of anatomical and physiological adaptations,compare bone structure of the human, gorilla... see more

This is a 10 page course outline for a global online accounting course that incorporates financial accounting, managerial... see more


Lab exercise see more

Students will perform a virtual lab that encompasses identifying a bacterium using a small sample of DNA. They will use... see more

Using animations and web based content the students learn about how blood flows through the heart before and after birth.... see more

A website the shows students artifacts found at Harappa in the Indus Valley. Shows students the city Course:... see more

The students are asked to go through the activities and the tutorial on this website, and then complete the problem set... see more

This is a lesson tied to the CDE standards for grade four. It teaches the concept of erosion. It includes questioning and... see more

Experience learning processes as they happen. Develop metacognitive knowledge. see more

This assignment allows students to distinguish between a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and where they are placed in... see more

Students will compare the inside of an animal cell to a plant cell and find out just how different or similar we are to... see more

Un breve questionario di autovalutazione sul tutorial "Creare un sondaggio on line con Google Doc" see more

This is an activity that has students search the nine planets web site for the requirements for life; warmth, water and... see more

Students apply reading strategies to get the most from reading the article, "Fishing For Fun Takes Its Toll." see more

Match characteristics, formation, and evolution of stars. Course: 9th grade earth science see more

Assessment to accompany 'Whale Evolution Kiosk' developed by Gail Bromiley of DeBakey H.S. in Houston, TX. A key to this... see more

Students will create a flow chart for simplifying radical expressions. Course: Introductory Algebra see more

Students will explore the chemical composition of cells and analyze the various processes that happen at the cellular... see more