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This write-pair-share activity presents Calculus III students with a worksheet containing several exercises that require... see more

This classroom activity presents Calculus II students with some Flash tutorials involving work and pumping liquids and a... see more

In this activity students examine karyotypes from five individuals to try to identify which chromosomes determine gender... see more

An interactive lecture that uses flash animations showing the researcher and their experiments that were used to develop... see more

The pre-activity questions and assignment instructions. see more

An interactive lecture in which students use data on feeding habits and habitat, skeletons, and DNA sequences to draw... see more

A virtual where you carry the sequential steps to isolate bacteria, purity DNA, PCR, amplify the DNA sequence 16S... see more

Students will use some of the basic techniques that Op artists used to create their own optical illusion drawings.... see more

Students explore the concepts of plate tectonics, geologic time, climate, and the fossil record in an interactive... see more

Students use mitochondrial D-loop sequences of orangutan, chimpanzee, gorrilla, human and neanderthal sequences to... see more

examen lee la lectura cuantas partes tiene la computadora see more


Learning about a vet see more

Activities in this course help the students to understand Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash in Multimedia see more

At the start of the graduate level Human Resource Management degree graduate class on Compensation and Benefits, students... see more

This learning exercise helps students identify, locate, and evaluate scholarly articles. see more

According to state and national standards, elementary teachers are to plan and conduct experiments with the students in... see more

The goal for this assignment is for students to build an appreciation of the marvelous tailoring of evolution that makes... see more

While developing his theory of evolution by natural selection, Darwin was unaware of the molecular basis for evolutionary... see more

Students compare the reproductive strategies of several microscopic organisms to those of zebrafish. Procedures for... see more

Students will develop an outline of their own School-to-Work project modeled after the previously funded program profiles... see more