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After studying subject/verb agreement, correct subject/verb agreement errors in sentences. see more

Todo referente a la mobile learning see more

This learning exercise helps students identify, locate, and evaluate scholarly articles. see more

A PowerPoint presentation teaching students how to use Google Spreadsheets to create a budget for a trip. Course: French... see more

The pre-activity questions and assignment instructions. see more

This leaning exercise uses the Differentiated Instruction PPT in a class setting. The participants should have a basic... see more

Each arcade game lists the Common Core Dtandards that it satisfies when played. Students select difficulty level for... see more

SME Business Services Ltd. India is assisting the industry all over India, small & medium enterprises. These... see more

Using the Interview Skills Checklist, this systematic instruction plan is designed to work with individual or small... see more

all the class works and assignments or documents goes in this area. see more

This is an undergraduate lab assignment using the software Overtone. It illustrates the concept of repeat time, the... see more

Students will work in a computer lab in class. They will play for half an hour with the simulation individually. After... see more

Free online math lessons and interactive activities for middle school math teachers and students. The lessons contain... see more

Students will interact with a simulation to learn about balanced, unbalanced, and net forces and see how they effect... see more

Links Science and English to CA state standards and a section of Chapter 8, Holt Language Arts and Literature, Third... see more

Students play games based on nursery rhymes and the Olympics. Course: Pre-School, K see more

"Portfolio assessment is the systematic, longitudinal collection of student work created in response to specific, known... see more

This assignment will help you on a basic level understand how to put steps together to make a dance work. You are to read... see more

An exploration of the periodic table, including the uses, properties and history of elements, and an exploration of... see more

An interactive lecture in which students use data on feeding habits and habitat, skeletons, and DNA sequences to draw... see more

An interactive lecture that uses flash animations showing the researcher and their experiments that were used to develop... see more