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Inactive Learning Exercise
Inactive Learning Exercise

This is an online assignment that can be used with the virtual factory. Course: International Marketing see more

This tool enables students to attempt their own routing plans for a given sales territory on a map. The student prints... see more

This exercise teaches students about the new types of business models that have been created by the e-commerce... see more

Students access the United Nations' Human Development Index and determine the quality of life of selected countries.... see more

This assignment directs students to read any of a dozen current documents published by Political and Economic Risk,... see more

In this exercise, students can appreciate the difficulty in coordinating activities on a world-wide basis due to... see more

In this exercise, students will be first examining the different types of paper currency from six different countries.... see more

Part of this site includes a career assessment based on a test. There are three levels of tests, only one of which is... see more

Students will be accessing The Conference Board Business Cycle Indicator page to find out what the Leading Economic... see more

This is a simple matching game in which the student identifies the country with the currency of that country. After... see more

This assignment requires that the student access information from the Census of Manufacturers. Because the students are... see more

This exercise takes students through an interactive series of steps in which they forecast sales for the Buggy Palace,... see more

This exercise lets students determine how the cost of living in various cities can impact what salaries are paid to... see more

This assignment allows students to determine their selling style and then to development guidelines for adapting that... see more