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Downloadable siimulation and review question at the end of the material see more

Digital Experiments found on same site to demostrate the information present there. see more

This is an assignment for your students all in itself. see more

Quick review questions (3) at the end of the document. see more

Downloadable simulation that focuses on many aspects of business. see more

Document is a part of a much larger database of learning objects including a set of great digital experiments (linked... see more

This object is a part of a much larger learning object that conatins many great digital experiments (linked here) that... see more

Each chapter in this "Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Fundamentals" document contains review and study questions for... see more

This online book contains review questions, problems, and exercises at the end of each section and chapter to be... see more

Review exercise consisting of a few short tasks to practice the concepts explained in the material. see more

Java applets that teach mathematical concepts and some that give problems, etc. that allow the user to practice these... see more

A series of animated drills and exercises that help students practiice their vocabulary andlistening skills. Should be... see more

Review exercises available at the end of each section and quizzes for understanding at the end of each chapter. see more

Video clips and materials for teachers to use in teaching these Asian topics to their classes. Includes video clips,... see more

This site offers many teacher-oriented assignments and curriculum for a variety of topics involving East Asian history. see more

This collection of resources for teachers of history and asian studies includes lesson plans, maps, discussion question,... see more

Many great materials and links to discussion questions, maps, activities, etc. for a variety of topics involving China... see more

This site gives a list of important questions regarding China, and its history as well as a list of web resources where... see more

This study guide is full of great questions and discussion topics to supplement the viewing of this award-winning film. see more

Each individual section of this site contains review question, problems, and on-line quizzes to check for understanding... see more