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Teacher Training and Assistive Technology

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Assistive Technolog Law/Rule

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Special Education Supervisors and Special Education Accommodations

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Complete Week 1 Assignment for IDT 5030 Spring 2019 "Emerging Trends in Instructional Design".

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This course focuses on the nuances of argument and rhetoric and how these agents translate into college research writing.

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This course will explore the use of games and simulations: the evaluation, design, and infusion of games and simulations...

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A course that teaches new instructional designers e-learning design tips and the necessary tools required to create...

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WELCOME TO PHED 100:02 Physical Fitness Assessment. Physical fitness is ubiquitous in our daily lives and is essential...

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This course is designed to provide students with rigorous study of adolescent development of positive youth development...

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This course is designed to provide students with an Intensive study of child growth and development from conception to...

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General Biology II

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Issues in Online and Distance Education. Course will introduce teachers and administrators in K-12 and higher education...

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EDCI 4550 Methods in Teaching Elementary Mathematics is a three credit hour course. The course is designed to explore...

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Online Learning

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STAR test environment

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Online Course to Train Peering in Online Learning Platform Review

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This course explores evolving trends in the instructional design discipline enabled by innovative practice and digital...

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Students in this course will explore the variety of conditions found in young children with special needs, methods of...

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Students in this course will participate in an in-depth study of the creative activities that support the growth of both...

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Students in this course will study language and literacy development and the connections between listening, speaking,...

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This course focuses in optimal coordination of home and child-rearing practices and expectations at a child care...

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