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Place the course description for your Introduction to Psychology course here.

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This is an example of a course e-portfolio that you can create for you and your students.

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This is a collection of online courses for use in the QM pilot.

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This courseNone is an open-access resource to gain a lifelong learning mind-set for personal and professional growth.

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This is a collection of online courses for use in the QM pilot.

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This course aims to teach reading and writing strategies for success in higher education to students who come from...

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With a clear focus on the human brain, the course covers a broad range of questions about how the nervous system is...

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This course is so designed to help parents to be better digital guides in this age of technology. It's not about just...

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This course applies the physical laws of motion to human performance. Students will learn how the muscles and joints...

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A brief introduciton to computing and some assoicated terms

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Learn computer basics.

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Introduction to Pharmacology

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The purpose of this study is to determine if traditional colleges and universities should restructure their recruitment...

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This course will explore the use of games and simulations: the evaluation, design, and infusion of games and simulations...

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General Biology II

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Evaluation of the impact of OER on International Programs and Students

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Interpersonal relationships & Leadership

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Instructional Technology

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Cultural Anthropology is an exciting and diverse discipline focused on the study of important elements of human culture...

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All videos in this collection were created in Medical University of the Americas in May 2011 by Med 3 Neuroscience...