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A collection of nursing career descriptions, generally "a day in the life of" and/or FAQs for new nurses in a field.

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This course applies the physical laws of motion to human performance. Students will learn how the muscles and joints...

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Additional educational materials that may help nurses to provide holistic nursing care such as cultural competency and...

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Life Science overview for K-8 pre-service teachers; preparation for State of Michigan Integrated Science Teacher Test for...

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Biology 201 and 202 describe the structure and function of the human body. Topics presented in...

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This course provides students with an introduction to the basic research issues and processes needed to utilize both...

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Introduction to Pharmacology

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Special Education Supervisors and Special Education Accommodations

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The basic leaerning skills of radiology

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This course provides an overview of the health, safety and nutritional needs of young children and early childhood...

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WELCOME TO AGSC 430: Physiology of Reproduction in Farm Animals. To gain understanding in the concepts and applications...

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Introductory human anatomy course.

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Evaluation of the impact of OER on International Programs and Students

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WELCOME TO SPAU 260:01 Introduction to Communication Disorders. This course is designed to introduce the student to the...

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Cultural Anthropology is an exciting and diverse discipline focused on the study of important elements of human culture...

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This course focuses on information management and the utilization of patient care technologies to improve the patient...

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All videos in this collection were created in Medical University of the Americas in May 2011 by Med 3 Neuroscience...

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Neuroscience is a comprehensive lecture and laboratory course that provides an integrated multidisciplinary study of the...

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This will be a course to support adults completing the GDE

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Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab

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Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab