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A new survey finds that many employees do not experience an inclusive workplace and want their organizations to do more... see more

The child-friendly school (CFS) model has emerged as UNICEF's signature means to advocate for and promote quality... see more

Leaders need to look for ways to help every employee feel welcomed, needed, wanted, valued, and that they have a genuine... see more

Diversity and inclusion are some of the main priorities for today's employers. Here are some of the best practices to... see more

Closing gaps between men and women, boys and girls is central to the sustainable development goals, and achieving gender... see more

What is Diversity and Inclusion Branding? The Future of Work Mastermind group recently focused on D&I branding, why it's... see more

The OurOffice team is pleased to announce a first-of-its-kind Coaching/Advisory offering for Board members and CEOs who... see more

Workplace diversity has many benefits. Read our tips and actionable advice on recruiting, implementing and managing... see more

Nurse burnout is a widespread phenomenon characterized by a reduction in nurses’ energy that manifests in emotional... see more

Open Pedagogy in the Trades: Instructor Resource contains a bank of activities and projects to integrate with your course... see more

The mission of the UNLV Women's Council is to ensure the voices of women are heard and to advocate for a quality work... see more

Some organizations add a few women or people of color to a leadership team and feel they’ve checked the box and can... see more

This year did not disappoint as we continued the global dialogue around Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and in... see more

For some folks in higher ed, the very idea of using open educational resources (OER) sparks dread. Visions of poorly... see more

Diversity is getting an invitation to dinner. Inclusion is making sure everyone enjoys the meal. Here are 11 noteworthy... see more