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'Test yourself to help improve reading of music in a fun way!!! Name That Note is a note spelling quiz for all ages.... see more

"Play It Down is like three fun music and audio apps in one! Auto-Old My Music Pick a song from your library, use the... see more

Key Terms to learn about camera settings, to be able to use your DSLR Camera.

Before a student goes into the theatre to hang and focus a light, it is nice for them to know the parts to an ellipsoidal... see more

Pick and Click is a method of producing SCORM-compliant, graphical-matching exercises similar to drag-and-drop. The... see more

This resource is a interactive Power Point for use in the High School Art classroom. It should be used to supplement the... see more

This site was developed as a "Cosmo" magazine style quiz that tests your habitual patterns of vocal (mis)use and vocal... see more

Little program that allows the user to convert an easily formatted text file into a web-ready practice quiz for teachers... see more

Obra infantil de fantasía narra la historia de un niño, una rosa y un zorro

Result Data SGP - The need for news on SGP 2021 data output is very appropriate for you to be on a page that reviews the... see more

JClic es un entorno para la creación, realización y evaluación de actividades educativas multimedia, desarrollado en la... see more

'Do you wish you could look at any piece of sheet music and instantly recognize which key signature it is written in?... see more

An interactive quiz to learn about how to deal with teachers/professors- Student Success