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This is a free, online wikibook so it is continually being updated and refined. According to the authors, "Western Music... see more

Welcome to Music 101. I think you’ve made a smart choice to spend some weeks studying some of the greatest music ever... see more

'What can Roger Rabbit tell us about the Second Gulf War? What can a woman married to the Berlin Wall tell us about... see more

' Moving Places is the brilliant account of a life steeped in and shaped by the movies - part autobiography, part film... see more

'While the study of memory and film extends itself to a number of national cinemas, with potentially different stakes in... see more

'Do women in classical Hollywood cinema ever truly speak for themselves? In Echo and Narcissus , Amy Lawrence examines... see more

The Jazz Republic examines jazz music and the jazz artists who shaped Germany’s exposure to this African American art... see more