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Music Theory, History, and Recorder instruction online.

Explains how chords, cadences, and scales work in tonal music. Includes a discussion of modulation and chord substitution... see more

Created by two performers of Celtic music, the Encyclopedia of traditional Celtic Music covers a variety of topics from... see more

Online JavaScript drills for teaching 7th Chords and Secondary Functions.

A guide to understanding and appreciating the techniques of Schenkerian Analysis.

A collection of application-oriented articles to aid the aspiring audio engineer.

The classic text with all illustrations performed with quality samples from the Garritan instrument collection. Students... see more

An introduction to tonal music from a theoretical standpoint, complete with reference guide and practice exercises.

A website exploring alternate tunings and layouts of instruments. Has nice piano and guitar chording java applets

Java applet allows students to practice constructing triads, seventh, ninth and augmented chords in various inversions.

Online course in jazz arranging lets you read about , watch and hear the techniques in action via the Garritan jazz... see more

This Java applet demonstrates various historical tunings and temperaments and allows one to experiment with them. It was... see more

A series of tutorials on aspects of musical composition.

An Online Multimedia course in the principles of orchestration for musicians

45 pages and 90 illustrations of fundamental music theory concepts.

collection of theory resources, analyses and analytical tools.

The Acadia Early Music Archive has many scores of Renaissance and Baroque Music that can be downloaded. The scores at the... see more

Online scores from Early to Romantic eras for music study and analysis. Some require Scorch sibelius viewer (free).

The resource presents a brief history of how modes came into use and traces the evolution of our Renaissance modes in... see more

Lots of tips, techniques and suggestions for selecting instruments, reeds and making the transition to english horn.

Practice pages for learning scales, intervals, keys, chords, transposition, etc... see more

THE Counterpoint Tutor is a collection of web pages which presents an introduction to Species Counterpoint, based on... see more